Storie dai Monti Choir

Parma (Italy)
Director: Gianluigi Giacomoni

The Storie dai Monti Choir, directed by Maestro Gianluigi Giacomoni, Director of the AERCO Regional Artistic Commission, was founded in 2013 and is based in Parma. It participates annually in the main National Choral Festivals; it carries out research on popular songs harmonised by composers of the latest generation; it has received numerous compositions written and dedicated to the choir. Since 2016 it has been organising and managing, in collaboration with the Culture Department of Parma – Casa della Musica – the International Choral Singing Festival “Le Voci della Terra”. In this name, we wanted to express our main intent, which is to tell stories from a pure and genuine world, often far away, whose silence, like the sounds that compose it, is able to make all parts of our souls vibrate.And these stories, full of a thousand feelings that are almost always stifled today by hurry and noise, we offer them with a slightly different vocal performance, through all the nuances that the human voice is able to generate. If you would like to listen to us (and preferably live), we will offer you a real song of the soul, so that each of you will feel in tune with the emotions you will find in our stories..